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Staging a home to sell is one of the best decisions you can make to maximise the value in your biggest investment.  Statistics show that professionally staged homes sell five times faster than un-staged homes, and for more money.   Usually a buyer gets that ‘falling in love” feeling within the first 30 seconds of entering a home, which is why it is essential to make sure your home show to its very best potential.

As Creative Director at styleyourhome I know what will make the biggest impact for potential buyers walking into their future home. 

Professional staging makes sure that your home appeals to the widest number of buyers by creating a space they can easily imagine themselves relaxing and entertaining in.  This may mean changing a paint colour, re-arranging furniture, adding or switching out some décor pieces. 

Why Staging to Sell Works

Start with the Basics

There are so many things you can do right away to prepare for selling a home. Usually all those little jobs that have been put off over the years. I’ve put together a useful list to help you get started and prepare for your first open house.

Repairs and Home Improvements

Repair cracks, holes and chipped paint.

Tighten loose knobs, towel racks, switch plates and outlet covers.

Fix tight doors and windows, squeaky floorboards and loose stair banisters.

Repair caulking, clean around tubs and sinks, and fix leaky faucets.

Remove water stains if applicable.

De-cluttering and Cleaning

Wash floors.

Make sure windows are spotless.

Shampoo carpets where necessary.

Make sure all appliances and countertops are cleared and spotless.

Hide toothbrushes and everyday toiletries in containers under the sink.

Pack away and store, throw out or donate anything you don’t need.

Buyers will look inside your closets & cabinets:

Tidy cabinets and closets to the bear minimum of what you need.

Leave current season of clothing only. Store everything else neatly away.

Stow away books and knick-knacks.

Limit items stored on the floor or overhead in closets.

Clean and organize the basement, attic, and garage.

Hide or move freestanding bins (especially in kitchen) to inside a cupboard.

Remove mats and toilet seat covers from bathrooms and small rugs from hallways.

Remove and avoid displaying personal items.

Keep childrens toys to a minimum and any that are out try to keep in one small ‘kiddie area’.

Secure valuables or store them in a safety deposit box.

Open House Preparations

Make sure outside lights and doorbell work.

Open drapes and blinds.

If there are no windows in the room, make sure lighting is adequate.

Turn on all the lights, even during the day, including outside entrance, closet, basement and attic lights.

Clean windows and mirrors.

Create ambiance by setting up for a casual elegant dinner.

Display lightly scented candles for aroma, and add fresh flowers to your décor.

Turn off the television, stereo and radio (easy-listening music is OK).

Put pets out of sight or drop them off with friends.

Put out simple refreshments to keep visitors longer.